Danny Schneider is a Sacramento singer-songwriter who has fun making music with his audience. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along, shaking maracas, or striking a cowbell when you feel the beat and energy! John Lennon, Neil Young, and Johnny Cash influence Danny’s energetic treatment of cover songs and originals. Bring the friends, the kids and your happy face!


Musical Life History--so far!

Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Danny grew up immersed in the British Invasion of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin and then the Northern California sounds of bands like Credence Clearwater Revival, Dave Mason and The Steve Miller Band. Picking up the guitar at 12, Danny played dances and concerts for 10 years with his friends in various Sacramento bands such as Velvet Mourning, Coda, Opus Fluke, Reap the Flax and Headphone Fighters. He also auditioned with Sammy Hagar during this time. Soon, however, the City of Angeles with its Roxy, Whisky A Go-Go, and The Troubadour on the Sunset Strip, began to pull. Danny was drawn     to Los Angeles and began a new phase of his musical journey.

After arriving in L.A. in 1977, Danny soon formed a songwriting partnership with lyricist Keith Tolmich. They cranked out over a hundred pop-rock style songs during the 80’s. Speedlimit, their band, performed these songs with the original line-up of Danny on lead guitar and vocal, Keith on bass, Kevin Slagg on rhythm guitar and Jim Begg on drums. Over the years, others joined and played an important musical part of Speedlimit: Klondike Karl, R.C. Endyra, Curtis Jacobs, Kevin Smith, Jeff Norvell, and Craig Woodard. Jerry (J.T.) Tolmich, Keith’s dad and a veteran L.A. music-biz pro, handled the band’s dealings with “the business” and got the them many of their better gigs.

Speedlimit played “The Strip” relentlessly during the 80’s and early 90’s. Their popularity reached from Orange County to Hollywood to Santa Barbara.  Speedlimit performed at The Roxy, Whisky, Troubadour and many other popular L.A. venues and played the same stages as The Motels, Black Flag and Van Halen and other of the most popular new bands of the time. Speedlimit’s music, and the songwriting of the Danny Schneider and Keith Tolmich, is documented in the two CD, 28 song set titled The Speedlimit Years Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. It is available through www.CDBaby.com and on iTunes.

Here is a brief account of some of Speedlimit’s recording credits and accomplishments:

KROQ rotation of the single “These Boots Are Made For Walking” from Speedlimit’s first record Physically Hooked (and Addicted to Love). This is what Billboard Magazine said: “This L.A. based quartet plays a unique brand of modern pop that walks the edge between the new rock and mainstream making it a perfect add for AOR. Hot leads, quick paced hard edged pop tunes and hooks and the outlandishly high Mickey Dolenz-like vocals of Danny Schneider make this band the group to watch on the local scene. Original, inventive pop rock that should draw major label interest.”

Single release of In The Middle Of The Night. Here’s what Cashbox Magazine said: “Local L.A. outfit Speedlimit has come up with a buzzing pop-rock cut here that could easily bring the band some national attention.”

Soon, Danny branched out into new and different projects and even took on different “alter-egos” and pseudonyms. The first was “Danny Allen.”

Danny Allen did not play guitar. He was the lead singer. Danny Allen played live only (no recordings). His musical performances were “events” called “Danny Allen’s Fun Party.” Held primarily at Madame Wong’s in Chinatown and Santa Monica, Danny Allen had go-go dancers,  locally recognized newscasters as MC’s, and many guest artists. Special guests included twin singers Helema and Selema Smith and Klondike Karl. Keith Tolmich was there, steadily on bass. This phase was a refreshing time musically and creatively for Danny, stretching out and doing something different.

From the Danny Allen period emerged the successful partnership with Klondike Karl. This collaboration featured Klondike on the co-written single “Time Is A Ticky-Talk” with Klondike on lead vocals and Danny creating the track in the studio. “Ticky-Talk” was played extensively on L.A.’s KROQ. Klondike and Danny spent many a late night, with DJ’s Poorman, Scott Mason, April, and Swedish Eagle contributing to their live radio shows. “Ticky-Talk” is currently still available on an Oglio Records compilation disk called The KROQ Obscurity Files and on iTunes.

Danny next created the character and subsequent video called The Cool Nerd! The song “Cool Nerd” is collaboration with Danny and Helema Smith. It's the story of a nerdy guy who enjoyed dancing so much that he didn’t even notice when a beautiful, sexy girl was interested in him! Danny plays all the instruments and sings all vocals in the studio. A video directed by L.A. filmmaker Lon Andre resulted which was played frequently on cable access. A highlight for The Cool Nerd was his live performance of the song on NBC’s Today In L.A. Weekend.

Around this time Danny began creating in a new direction—solo acoustic with vocal for his next CD called “Shimmer.” Danny again plays all instruments and does all the singing. Of the ten songs, six are original Danny Schneider compositions, two are George Harrison re-makes, and two are collaborations with Helema Smith. One of these collaborations with Helema, “Emotion Confused”, was selected by MTV to be used in an episode of their popular program at the time “Made.” Danny performed the entire  “Shimmer” CD at the Roxy and many other top venues in L.A.

Then it was time for another change and a completely new musical direction. Enter Lennon Page. (The name Lennon Page being an amalgamation of two of Danny’s idols: John Lennon and Jimmy Page). As another one of Danny’s “alter-ego” creations, Lennon Page appeared as a 50’s-style blues and rockabilly star on his debut CD titled L.A. Rockabilly Blues. During this time, Lennon Page constantly played live and rocked many seedy San Fernando Valley bars and dance clubs. Lennon Page says: “I just wanted to make fun music, songs that everyone can listen to and enjoy, music that makes people happy and gives them energy and makes them feel good!” Lennon Page was a regular performer for the thousands of people that lined Colorado Boulevard for the annual Pasadena Doo-Dah Parade.

Starting in 1996 (and going through 2005), Danny hosted a local music program on public access T.V. called The Danny Schneider Show of Music. Of the 100-plus shows he produced, many showcased local talent or one of Danny’s musical projects. However, most episodes featured interviews with successful music business professionals who could provide insights regarding the music business. Some prominent guests included: George Duke-the legendary jazz keyboardist with Frank Zappa and many others; Mark Volman-the lead singer from the 60’s band, The Turtles; P.F. Sloan-the hit songwriter who wrote Secret Agent Man and Eve Of Destruction; Ken Kragen- author and artist manager of Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie and Trisha Yearwood and who also organized the We Are The World and Hands Across America events; Seth Riggs-the well known vocal coach for Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder; Derek Sivers-the best selling author and founder of CDBaby.com; Geza X-the producer of The Dead Kennedy’s and Merideth Brooks; and John Braheny-the best selling author of The Craft and Business of Songwriting.


[More to be written soon on the years and projects below: Texas, the Christmas On Mistletoe Lane CD, the Leg-A-Dillo CD, and “Back to Sac.”]


Next was perhaps Danny’s biggest challenge of all, packing up and moving to TEXAS! In 2005 Danny said a fond good-bye to Los Angeles. Lennon Page continued on in his new home of Dallas with band mates Dr. Jim Carr on bass and Clyde Chappell on drums.

Christmas On Mistletoe Lane. Cindy Schneider and lyrics by Lenny Castellaneta.

Leg-a Dillo

Back to Sac. Full circle, reunion with Velvet Mourning. Solo singer Songwriter.

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