Cool Nerd

Danny Schneider
Helema Smith / Danny Schneider


Another fun evening For the cool nerd He chooses to rock dance Almost seems absurd ‘Cause when he goes He goes alone Just he and his feet No partner no clone When the music starts That rock and roll beat The Cool Nerd know When to start the heat He’s got his world On that dance floor And a movement that’s cool Never a bore His dress is plain White shirt High-legged pants Nothing fashionable Not worth a flirt His hair is greasy No style to it But forget the look His dancing’s a hit A beautiful girl in a sexy suit Sits at the bar Looking so cute He notices her She sees him too She walks you to him Asks “What ya gonna do?” She says with a sexy pout “I wanna dance” He doesn’t say a word Just gives a glance She walks away and says “You’re just a nerd!” He keeps on dancing Doesn’t say a word Another fun evening For the Cool Nerd Another fun evening For the Cool Nerd For the Cool Nerd For the Cool Nerd For the Cool Nerd For the Coo Nerd c.1996 Schneider/Smith

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