Danny Schneider


No you should never never look back I know she’s a work of art centurata Just ride it out you little psychopath Beautius maximus terra incognita Futurepain Futurepain Welcome home have another cigarette You know you’re barking up the wrong tree It’s just your Tuscaloosa etiquette Your ménage a trios idiosyncrasies Futurepain Futurepain This is what I heard that she said to you “What’s done is done” this isn’t cool Don’t get me wrong but I’ve heard it said What we leave behind often lies ahead Futurepain Futurepain Keep your chin up Mr. Doldrums Look at the treetops not the forest floor It’s a done deal let’s get ramblin’ Face the tiger walk through a different door Futurepain Futurepain…

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