Danny Schneider


Solid steady tried and true This is what I thin of you A Paradox A Paradox Ready Freddy see spot run After all is said and done A Paradox A Paradox Silhouette signature Smithereen Solitaire Welcome to the cocaine club Half in hate half in love A Paradox A Paradox Let the chips fall where they may Everybody sing “long long way” A Paradox A Paradox Photograph phireman Polygraph Plutonium Struggling to find his footing again The man will show up mystified In his darkest hour Temperamental Fatherless Daughter give me the strength The difference (righteous indignation) Ready to go Intention Desire belief acceptance expectance Porcupine pornography Porcelain propensity A Paradox A Paradox Potluck possum combat zone Pretentious place we once called home A Paradox A Paradox Poetry polonaise Porterhouse Prosperity Desire belief acceptance expectance

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